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English from group 1-8 at De Schalm Primary School in Vught

Recently, learning English as an additional language from the age of 4, has been subject of research and both political and public enthusiasm. Reasons to start as early as that, were the fact that natural language acquisition takes place before the age of 7, the ability of very young learners to learn a language through play and practically without an accent, as well as the lack of fear to actually speak in another language. In the past 16 years, the number of schools with English from group 1 has increased from 0 until over a 1000!

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 Mrs. Vicki and Mrs. Monique
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The children get a minimum of one hour of English a week. The children work in topics, for example: Family, School, Hobbies, The Weather etc using the “Such Fun Den Bosch Early English programme.” These lessons are 30 minutes every week in group1-8 with a native speaker.

The class teachers this year will also give the children half an hour English every week. They will be using “Groove Me “ on a trial period, to see if the children enjoy it.

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This is a fun programme that uses pop music to teach English. Pupils will present what they've learnt over the year to their classmates, other groups and sometimes parents.


Lunchtime English for kids. (Group 4-8)

At the Schalm, pupils have the possibility to attend Lunchtime English for Kids. These are private lessons at lunch time and take place in the school’s English classroom. These lessons are designed to extend what children learn in the class, maintain what they have learnt or help those children who are finding English difficult. The children work in small groups of between 4 to 8 children per teacher. The children therefore have lots of opportunities to practise their English in a friendly,fun environment. Each group focuses on a mix of conversation, writing, spelling and vocabulary training. Price is €210,- per child per course (16 weeks). The children attend a lunch time lesson once a week either on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday(12.00-13.00).

For further information please contact – Vicki.vandewaardt@gmail.com 

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Little red Cinderello and the wish fish

  Little red Cinderello
  By clicking HERE you can read the story in Dutch and English

Mummy Frogs Birthday party

   Mummy frog's birthdayparty - (67)